People with gambling problem casino high oklahoma wind Seek the support of others with similar problems; attend a gamblijg group for families peopls as Gam-Anon Explain problem gambling to the children Recognize your partner's good qualities Remain calm when speaking to your partner about his or her gambling and its consequences Let your partner know that you are seeking help for your own sake because of the way gambling affects you and the children Understand the need for treatment of problem gambling despite the time it may involve Take control of family finances; review bank and credit card statements. National Council on Problem Gambling.

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Inside the brain of a gambling addict - BBC News People gamble for many reasons. For the vast majority of people, gambling is just entertainment. But for some people, it can develop into a very serious problem. Unlike most casual gamblers who stop when losing or set a loss limit, people with a compulsive gambling problem are compelled to keep. Addictive drugs and gambling rewire neural circuits in similar ways. In severe addiction, people also go through withdrawal—they feel physically ill, cannot.